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Choose the correct answer A, B, C or D

Why did the landlady give Jonathan a crucifix to put around his neck?

To remind him that he was a member of the Church of England

To protect him from the evil things that come out on the eve of St George’s Day

To remind him of his mother

To protect his mother

Why did Jonathan acceptthe crucifix from the landlady?

Because he knew that it would protect him from Dracula

Because his mother wore a crucifix too

Because he did not want to hurt the landlady’s feelings

Because he was afraid of Satan and witches

When did they arrive at the Borgo Pass?

Half an hour late

On time

An hour early

A day early

Why did the ride in the coach seem like a nightmare?Because Jonathan kept thinking about the evil things that come out on the eve of St George’s day

Because the driver had a frightening appearance

Because it seemed to Jonathan that the driver kept stopping at the blue flames again and again

Because the coach travelled incredibly fast

What happened when the driver stood between Jonathan and the blue flame?

He did not seem to obstructit

The driver looked blue

It looked as if the driver was much taller

It looked as if the driver was in front of it

Why wasn’t Jonathan sure that the man who greeted him at the castle was the Count?

Because his handshake was strong like the driver’s

Because everything seemed like a dream

Because the man did not look like a count

Because he was so sleepy

Why does theCount want to learn English better?

Because his grammar is not very good

Because he has a strong accent, and people in London will consider him a stranger, and strangers are not important

Because he needs to understand completely all the documents he has to sign

Because he wants to lose his accent so that he can meet people more easily

Why do people bury treasure under the ground?

Sothat the Count cannot steal it

So that the driver cannot steal it

So that the evil powers cannot steal it

So that the invaders cannot steal it

The Count says the he became furious when he saw the mirror because…

It reflected Jonathan’s blood

It did not reflect his image

Only vain people use mirrors

People in Transylvania do not use mirrors

Was this the usual kind ofthing that happened to a solicitor? Pretend that you are Jonathan Harker and write a short article in 120-180 words about your journey and your arrival at Count Dracula’s castle.

Include in your article
The strange coach driver

The blue flames

The nightmarish journey to the castle

How the Count greeted you

What the Count was like physically

How the Count reacted to the mirrorNow, complete the sentences below using the appropriate phrase provided.

The landlady gave Jonathan a crucifix to put around his neck. The landlady Be worried that the Count would attack him

The Count’s driver arrived an hour early. The Count’s driver Know that the other driver wanted to trick him

The driver made a strange construction around the blue flame. The driver Be asleep whenJonathan arrived

The crucifix stopped the Count when he tried to grab Jonathan’s throat. The crucifixhave some special power over the Count.

The Count carried Jonathan’s bags up the stairs. The servants Eat something very strange

The Count’s breath stank. The Count Plan to stay in England for a long time

The Count wanted to learn to speak English perfectly. The Count Want to return to getthe buried treasure

Before you read

What scares you the most when you watch a horror film?




1.- Choose the correct answer A, B, C or D.

What did the Count tell Jonathan to write in his letter to Mr Hawkins?
A That Jonathan had to stay for another week.
B That Jonathan would be leaving immediately.
C That Jonathan...
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