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Blessed Be God
African Art Notes
* Yoruba Queen
* Terra Cotta sculpture
* Depicts queen wearing a beaded crown
* Yoruba King
* Copper sculpture
* Distinct featureof vertical lines on face to indicate ethnic identity
Ornamental Scars
* Scars to show ethnic identity
* A series of patterns and cuts
* Designed to represent family, regionalheritage, and spiritual identity
* Egungun Masquerade
* Cloth masquerade
* Made with beads
* Worn to honor ancestors in public dances
* Equestrian Figure
* Ceramicfigure
* Depicts man on horse
* Representing members of well organized army
* Iron Figures
* Figures made by blacksmiths
* Show ability to make iron weapons
* TheGreat Friday Mosque
* Made with adobe brick
* Features rows of tall and narrow columns
* Bening Art
* Stressed the importance of social status
* The most powerfulperson is depicted the biggest.
* Represents the organization of the kingdom
* Mounted King with Attendants
* King is depicted largest and more three dimensional
* Followed by twochiefs almost as large as king
* And two sword bearers
* Gold
* Primary material in Asante art
* A way of measuring wealth
* Believed to be created by gods
*Asante Jewelry
* Necklaces, bracelets, anklets
* Popular designs included the crab (associated with royalty)
* Kente Cloth
* Weaved fabrics decorated with bright colors andpatterns
* Crosses
* Christianity heavily influenced Ethiopian society
* Kings made all subjects wear crosses around necks
* Crosses made of bronze, iron, silver, and wood
* Woodsculptures
* Not meant to have realistic features
* Represent resting places of ancestral spirits
* Meant to contain spirits of deceased
* The Hunter
* Wood...
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