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  • Publicado : 13 de junio de 2011
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Life in the United States is not that easy as it seems. Taking decisions in order to afford the goal in some way was difficult. Not for me to make Catherine’s budget. But she has to live in some wayupheld to achieve her goal.
Of course there were some difficult decisions do, to her low income. For example:
The fact that I had to look for public transportation because her income it’s not enoughfor her, to afford a comfortable car and to pay the money needed for the maintenance of a car. But taking that decision helped to safe a lot of money to invest in her savings,which would be usedlater on. Second thing that I found difficult to choose. To decide the amount of money she would used monthly for the food she could eat. It’s difficult because in my opinion most women like to eathealthy and eating healthy is expensive in most of the cases. But many times you have to tie up your pocket because the income is not sufficient to cover your wants but hardly your needs. Thirddecision that I found in some way difficult to take was, what to give her for entertainment and her hobbies. People enjoy doing what they like, but because of their income it’s hard to afford it. I had tolook for the cheapest entertainments and things to do for her. Money is a major barrier in our life,but is this barrier that helps us to care for and appreciate more what we have. Because we know thatits hard to get certain things. but many other people have the benefit of having enough money to squander it and do not appreciate the things that they have,until they lost it.
This Budget Projectwas really helpful to me. Not just to improve my grade but to understand how expensive and hard is the independence and liberty in the USA and generally all over the world.
Most young adults want torun away from their parents’ house and start a new life alone, independent. But what they don’t know it’s how expensive it’s to afford it.
To be honest is difficult in these days to live alone and...
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