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Vocabulary Research: Catholic and Anglican hierarchy

1) The Pope : The Bishop of Rome which gives him the status of the leader of the worldwide
Catholic Church.2) The Bishop: A person who supervises a number of local churches or a diocese, and a member of the highest order of the ministry in Catholic, Anglican, Greek and otherchurches.

3) The archbishop: A bishop of the highest rank who presides over a diocese strictly his own, called archdiocese.

4) The diocese: A local Church or anecclesiastical district given to the care of a single bishop.

5) The patriarch: The head of his respective Church. They are primarily found in the EasternChurches but there are still some in the Latin Church: Jerusalem, Lisbon, Venice and the East Indies.

6) The Clergy: A leader group within a given religion in charge oftaking care of the ritual aspects of the religious life, teaching or helping in spreading the religion's doctrine and practices.

7) The Cardinal: A high ecclesiasticsenior. The collective group of cardinals is known as the College of Cardinals. Its main function is electing the pope whenever, by death or resignation, the seat becomesvacant. Most cardinals have additional duties, such as leading a diocese or archdiocese.

8) The ministers: People authorized to conduct religious worship; members of theclergy; pastors.

9) A parish: An ecclesiastical district having its own church and member of the clergy.

10) The priests (also called presbyters): Theoverwhelming majority of ordained ministers in the Anglican Church which are members of the clergy of the order next below that of bishop, authorized to administer religious rites.
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