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Passive voice.
Sheyla bought the sándwiches
Irene gave her two nice letters
They gave my little sister two interesting books.
Susan and John are pulling down the old cinema
Our new friendshave invited us
A stone broke the window
The girl is buying a cake in that shop
Peter will sell the house tomorrow
My sister brings this book every day
The police have arrested the criminal
A badman killed them there
Mary loves everybody
Reported Speech
"Do you like living there?", he said.
"Do you like living there?", he said.
"Where do you live?", he said.
" I´m in this classroom", she said.
"What do you think of the new boss?", Peter said to him.
He said: " Do you like it ?" - She said: " yes ".
" You´re very pretty ", he said ( to me ).
" I must get up early tomorrow", he said.
"You can´t bathe in the rivers", he said, "they´re full of animals".
" Will they come or not ?" , he said.
John said: " I don´t like meat ".
"Where were you last night, Peter?", hesaid.
" If what you say is true I must go to the police ", he said.
"What country do you come from?", said he (to me).
"Where do you work?", he said.
"Don´t lend Harry any money," I said to Ann."He never pays his debts."
"Will you have done the same?" she said to her brother
She said to Tom: “When are you coming?”
"I would go to the cinema if I had time", she said.
Hecould go with her to the party if he ... (know) her better.
If Helen were a good student, she ... (speak) English better.
We could study better as long as our room ... (be) larger.
If he ...(prepare) his lessons every night, he would be a better student.
If the weather had been warmer, we ... (go) for a walk.
I would go providing that I ... (have) more time.
If Mary ... (have) more time,she would study more.
Provided that Tom is here now, he... (can / help) us.
If I ... (be) in your position, I would study French.
So long as I ... (have) the money, I would have bought that suit.
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