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Lake District

The región de los lagos has a population of about 716739 people. The official lenguage is spanish. The climate is temperate and rainy, temperaturas vary in amoderade range, softened by the presence of large bodies of water, rainfall rates increase from sea montains, with values ranging, depending on the area between 1600mm /year 2500mm / year, with rainfallalmost throughout the year.
Moreover , the region has a variety of natural attractions, all closet o major urbana areas are established as service centers and facilitate its future development andDiversity the tourism offer within the geograpical and productive. Although the regional tourism product has developed large competitors, it has a great advantage: it has vast tracts of land stilluntouched where sea, forest, lake and mountains are in a close relationship such that it is possible to unite them in a few hours, through integrated tourism circuits with the added attraction ofhaving an interesting basis for historical and cultural development.

The Capital of the region of lakes is Puerto Montt.
It is distinguished by the archaeological site of Monte Verde, which dates backto befote 14,000 BC.

Located opposite the reloncavi sound, has a sheltered bayo n its west side by the island Tenglo. It is the main link with the southem regions of Aysén and Magallanes.Because of its strategic location, this city is the starting point for the shift to the chilean Patagonia, also its major seaport connected to the rest of the country with more southem regions, in additionto its International airport Tepual air base, second in importance country, with major air terminals of chile.

Important characters

Vicente Perez Rosales (1807-1886): Chilean writer. Born in1807, three years befote the emancipation comprised a distinguished family that had members in the National government, helped finance the revolution liberating heroes gave the Patria Vieja, and the...
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