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  • Publicado : 7 de octubre de 2010
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Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming
When it comes to the relationship between greenhouse effect and global warming, the number of myths associated with it are bound to take you by surprise. Thefollowing article is an attempt to get rid all these myths by explaining how exactly does the greenhouse effect work.

While that would be an apt explanation of greenhouse effect and global warming forkids, as an adult you should obviously ask for more. That, however, doesn't really happen, as we are used to the practice of gathering bits and pieces of information, and adding to the prevailingmyths about the issue. If an individual is asked 'why is greenhouse effect important to life on earth', he is bound to get perplexed, as we have always looked at greenhouse effect as an environmentalissue. Even though greenhouse effect is not harmful for the planet, 'enhanced greenhouse effect' definitely is. Sadly though, this and other such important greenhouse effect facts have been eluding thebrightest minds of the world since quite a long time.

Greenhouse Effect: Facts and Myths

Before we move on to understand the complex relationship between global warming and the greenhouse effect,let's try to get a proper understanding of what is the greenhouse effect. Basically, the thermal radiations coming from the Sun are reflected back to the space after they come in contact with thesurface of the Earth. When these radiations are reflected back, some atmospheric gases restrict their reflection and trap them within the atmosphere of the Earth. The entire process of these thermalradiations entering the Earth's atmosphere and getting trapped in it is known as the greenhouse effect, and the atmospheric gases which play a crucial role in trapping these radiations are known as thegreenhouse gases.

Some of the most abundant greenhouse gases include water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane etc. Other than these gases, the greenhouse gases list also includes gases such as nitrous...