What is intelligence

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Intelligence for me is the ability to understand and learn something, but also, is the ability to solve and face problems in your life. For some people it is difficult to understandand learn different kind of topics. For example, a girl who can’t cook does not have the intelligence or the ability for doing that, but maybe, she paints and draws really well, so she is good withher hands and she also has an artistic intelligence. It is my opinion that there is not only one kind of intelligences, there are many, and everyone has at least one.

Two types of intelligence thatI know are intuitive intelligence and visual and spatial intelligence. Intuitive intelligence is the ability to solve problems from your subconscious, by instinct. People, who have this kind ofintelligence, not only are good at analyzing strengths and weaknesses of themselves, but also have a good intuitive sense. To improve your intuitive intelligence you can do some relaxing exercises likehypnosis or meditation that helps you explore yourself. On the other hand, the visual and spatial intelligence is the ability to understand easily images and details. People with this intelligence havean eye for detail, are good drivers and good at geometry. To improve it, you should visit art galleries, watch movies and create mental images. These kinds of intelligences are really interestingand if you do not have it, try to improve them.

One of the intelligence that I would like to have, and unfortunately, I do not have, is musical intelligence. My boyfriend gave me a guitar twoyears ago and I tried to play it for an entire year, but it is difficult for me to play it even if I practice a lot. Unless I practice every day, my musical intelligence will be the same. But I know thatI do not have an ear for music. Maybe, I should try to play another instrument. However, I love to listen to music and dance; I think I could not survive without music.

Finally, I believe that...
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