Why colmbia is poor?

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Why Colombia is poor?
Undoubtedly Colombia is a poor country economically and this situation have resulted in others scopes like the technology, military forces, bad, etc. In the actual world with the new economically system of the capitalism in which the money manage everything, as consequences that if a country does not have money the country he not could be have technology, development, goodmilitary forces, etc. Other fact why is poor is for the disuse of the natural resources or also give the mines to foreigner companies like the mines of Cerrejon in the north part of the Colombian territories. This country could be one of the biggest world powers around the world in each scope but for many internal and external causes Colombia could not grow:
External causes
Colony and conquerThe poor in Colombia and in Latin America come to the time of the colonization, in which the Spanish came to Latin America but not came the high part, came the low part of the society :whores, thieves, etc like Francisco Pissarro in which was so poor, when they came the indigenous people was killed for steal all the gold and objects valuables; them when the Spanish organized the system ofgovernment was so bad because all the earnings were send to Spain for the Spanish crow because in this time Spain were a also poor country in Europe that was bankruptcy cause of the wars again the Muslim people, the study only was gave to the creoles that were the children of the Spanish people , not only was received here Colombia would progress more but it was in Europe. I wish had conquered us theEngland people.
U.S.A. is rich why we no
But why USA is a rich and power country and South America no. If were conquered almost in the same time, is because USA was conquered by England that in that time was the most powerful country around the world that for the end of the XIX century had conquered the third part of the world, the form of think of the England people were so different of theSpanish people; the think was that they were the greats in all and this thought were passes to the USA people, the study in England was based in practice and also were passed to American people.
Multilateral banks
The multilateral banks were some institutions or banks that his works is help for the poor countries for increase his development and countries of second and third world but unfortunatelythose institutions are all a fake that the only thing that wants is that poor countries does not can increase his economies and the rich country that are the powers that are: the most powerful and control the majority are USA, them, England, France, Japan, Italia etc, become in more riches. The rich countries were steal money to the poor countries and any vary said nothing. I wish the richcountries would try to be more rich doing that other be more poor .
The wars are sad and bad the only person who are benefit are the producer ; the begging of the XX century was so difficult for the economy of the poor countries like Colombia, first with the “first and second world war” and the economic crisis of the 1929. The world wars were so bad for the economy of the poor countries, because therich countries a big part of the money were distributed for the war and could not bought to poor countries that produce raw materials and the fall of the stock market in new York.
Internal causes
One of the biggest problems in award territory is the mentality of the persons or the form of think, the people in Colombia is so stupid a big part of the population think that they arepoor and all the life they will be poor and is true if they think like that but the true is that Colombia can progress but if the people want. We have to change the form of think we have to say” we must be the betters in everything that I want”. if we continue thinking like we are thinking award country for the 2020 will have passed for the most poor country of Latin America. What happed if we...
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