Why people move. tourism

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  • Publicado : 9 de septiembre de 2010
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Why people move…
Exist so many reasons for the people move for one place to another and obviously depend about the predisposition, economy and time.
For example thebusiness are an important reason, so much companies need that yours workers will go to another country. But is probable that the people need too a medicine or therapyjust can exist in a specific place, so the tourism could be for health.
The rest is feasible and common in seasonal vacations like Christmas. The peoplewere motivated for curiosity and the expectative to make fun things: cycling, swim in a beach, meet monuments famous.
The people can travel if they want to go to seea concert of art like the ballet of Vienna or a famous singer, a traditional festivity or a museum. That tourism name´s is “tourism cultural”.
Religion, yeah, it´s amotive for the people wants to travel, a good example about this is the millions of persons who wants to go to visit Roma and Jerusalem in Pascua, or the temple ofBuda.
The scientific tourism exists, and it´s about the persons who need to go to a one place for make investigations about various specialties and phenomenon.
And wething that the last reason for make tourism is natural, that subject mean when the people go to a place for see a nature reserve or the flora and fauna of a specificplace.

What is Tourism?
Tourism is a social phenomenon that is a voluntary and temporary movement of individual or group and leaving their place of origin orresidence for reasons of health, leisure, culture and recreation, and which do not have any gainful activity and relations have multiple social, cultural and economic.
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