William shakespeare

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The boyfriend and his parents meet the parents of the girlfriend to ask for permission formally in order that the pair marries.
The one that takes charge of all the expenses of the wedding is theboyfriend
The ceremony of the wedding lasts three days. On the first day, the girlfriend prepares herself to be gone to the house of a priest or babaylan, the one who assembles his delivery with aplate of raw rice and blesses the couples. On the third day, the priest punctures the chests of the girlfriend and prepares one it drew with the small one of blood. Assembling his hands, they weredeclaring his love from to three times. The priest at the time feeds them cooking the rice of the same plate and it gives them a drink of something of his blood mixed with water. Tying his hands and neckswith a rope, he declares them married.
First the cold soup of noodles is served. After the soups the meats are served: cooked goat, chicken with garlic, boiled ham, castrated landfill, pork of roastmeats and you change classes of fished. They serve a heap of spices, including the red peppers, olives, green brines of the handle and crystallized fruits. For the dessert, there are meringues, custardcooked to the oven caramel, the macaroni of coconut and the sugary seeds of the plant of the nipa.
The invitations of the Philippine weddings contain insertions, with the names of all the persons ofthe courtship
The majority of the girlfriends dress of white and the boyfriend uses the tagalogo of the barong that is the dressed formal traditional Filipino.
Personal opinion
My personal opinionis that this project I teach myself great on the tradition of the weddings in Filipinos and besides it that this tradition is similar well to that of Puerto Rico because the girlfriend dresses almostalways of white and the majority they marry for the catholic religion. As in Puerto Rico the boyfriend he pops the question formally the parents of the girlfriend. Also they have different things...
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