Winter works

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  • Publicado : 28 de agosto de 2012
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Winter Works
Winter works is an experience that the 10th graders of San Ignacio must do for their spiritual formation. The objective of this year was to work with the immigrants locatedin two places, one in Estación Central and the other one in Independencia.
This activity was performed during the first week of June, it least one week and in it the students had to makefurniture and with this share with the families and to know their lives experience and know about their culture.
Winter works helped me to realized that this families work very hard forsurviving in a country that is in part hostile and discriminating towars them.
They live in a place called cité in neighborhood, a cite is a small site where a lot of family live crowed inlittle rooms separated by very thin walls and they share common space and bathroom so they don’t have too much privacy.
The adults work most f the day away home and the biggest issue isthat they don’t have work contract, therefore they don’t have social security, properly education for their children, they don’t have health security because they are “illegal” for the system.The work we did for this winter work was to build a furniture to storage and to keep in order some of their belongings, we had to prepare the design of the furniture and then we had tocut piece of wood with a handsaw to obtain the wood pieces, and to finally put them together with nails and hammer it.
But all of this was a pretext to generate confidence with theinhabitants of the place and with this create bonds with them.
This experience was very important and significant for me, because I could see a reality that is not know for most part of the peopleof the country, and also to valorate their efforts they make to survive with their families.
This made me aware about the prejudice of the Chilean people against humble foreigners.
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