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How Reapproval Rules Can Cause Purchasing Documents To Require Reapproval? [ID 1114515.1] Modified 19-APR-2011 Type WHITE PAPER Status PUBLISHED

In this Document Abstract Document History How Reapproval Rules Can Cause Purchasing Documents To Require Reapproval? 1. What are reapproval rules? 1.1. Pre-defined reapproval rules 1.2. User specific user rules 1.3. Specific eventswhich cause documents to require reapproval 2. The Change Order Workflow 3. How to modify the reapproval rules? 3.1. How to set or modify pre-defined reapproval rules 3.2. How to set or modify user specific reapproval rules 4. Known Issues 4.1. Increases in PO total do not require reapproval of document. 4.2. Decreases in PO total do not require reapproval of document. 4.3. Events that will NOTchange the document status to Requires Reapproval Still Have Questions? Summary References

Applies to:
Oracle Purchasing - Version: 11.5.10 to 12.3 - Release: 11.5 to 12 Oracle Purchasing - Version: 11.5.10 to 12.3 [Release: 11.5 to 12] Information in this document applies to any platform. Form:POXPOEPO.FMB - Enter Purchase Orders GUI Form:POXPOVPO.FMB - Purchase Order Summary GUI

Thisdocument is designed to give a complete overview of the Requires Reapproval Rules and the Change Order workflow within Purchasing. The paper is designed to assist in understanding which changes can cause a document to require reapproval and how to allow certain changes to bypass full (manual) reapproval.

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12-jun-2010: Note created

How Reapproval Rules Can Cause PurchasingDocuments To Require Reapproval?

1. What are reapproval rules?

To understand reapproval rules it is important to make a distinction between new documents and already approved documents, which are modified after approval: - If a new document is created the purchase order, release or requisition will always go through the approval process. - However, adding or changing specific information foran already approved document, may cause the document to unapprove, regardless of whether the revision is incremented. Almost all changes that cause the revision to be incremented also unapprove the document, as does placing the document on hold, reserving it or canceling it. The reapproval rules help you control whether-or how much of-a revision (for example, to Quantity) requires the document toundergo the entire approval process or to be instantly approved. So in other words the reapproval rules determine if a modified purchasing document requires reapproval or not. For example, if the business rules at a company are that if a purchase order has a total change that is within 5% of the original amount, they would not require complete reapproval of the purchase order then after submissionthe document is immediately approved. If the total change however would be outside 5% the document would require reapproval. Note: A prerequisite for using reapproval rules is that the Archive method must be set to Archive on Approve. This is setup via the Document Types page and can be done as follows: 1. Start up a Purchasing responsibility 2. Navigate Setup > Purchasing > Document Types TheArchive on Approve option copies the purchase order information into the archive tables in Purchasing every time you approve or reapprove a purchase order. If the option is set to Archive on Print (or Archive on Communicate) then the document always goes through the full approval process. Within Purchasing there are three kind of reapproval rules/events that trigger the document to requirereapproval: 1. Pre-defined reapproval rules in Purchasing 2. User specific user rules 3. Specific events

1.1. Pre-defined reapproval rules
Within Purchasing there exist a number of predefined reapproval rules. Based on these reapproval rules the following changes can result in unapproving a document: 1. Header Changes 2. Line Changes 3. Price Break Changes 4. Shipment Changes 5. Distribution Changes...
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