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SSS 29
Source A
a) What reasons does Source A above give for the defeat of the UD?
The UD -Unión Democrática- was defeated because in this electoral context a coalition managementshould have been done but instead this party ran separate tickets and lost everything to the Peronist coalition.
b) According to Source A, how decisive was Perón’s victory in the elections?
It wasvery decisive because the Peronist and UCRJR coalition elected all of the national senators except two, it won two thirds majority in the chamber of deputies and in provinces it won governorships andmany legislatives majorities.

SSS 31
Source C
a) What methods of controlling the press are described by Source C?
The press was controlled by subjecting the offices to bogus inspections so tofind justification for closing them down. Another method was to curtail the connection between the newspapers and those who provided them with paper.
b) Why do you think the government chose touse ‘bogus inspections’ or cut the connections with the providers of paper?
I think the government chose to use “bogus inspections” or cut the connections with the providers of papers because itdidn’t want to have a bad press criticizing its actions.

c) Is there evidence in this source that the pressure on the media was not as effective as expected?
Yes it is. Perón shut down the mostprestigious newspaper ‘La Prensa’ which had the highest the circulation and the one considered by many to be most credible.
SSS 37
Source H
a) What, according to Source H, was the role of women inPerón’s government?
According to Eva Perón the role of women in Perón’s government was to be, above all faithful to Perón, subordinated to Perón and blind confident in Perón, but mostly General Perónhelpers.
b) To what extent is Source H consistent with the Peronist ideology? Explain your answer fully.
Source H is fully consistant with the Peronist ideology because he asked all his...
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