Writting a for and against

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How to write an argumentative essay: The “for and against” composition.

Always collect your ideas on a mind-map before starting to write. You must really be aware of what you are going to writebefore you write the first sentence. It is wrong to change your attitude in the middle of the text, as if you were writing an inner monologue.

A recent event/ a personalexperience (it is perfectly okay to invent one), a quotation of a scientist, a topical newspaper article, a TV programme, statistics. A question to be answered. You may want to give a brief explanation of thehistorical background or define central terms. You may want to state your opinion firmly and clearly at the beginning or your may prefer to invite the reader to look at the pros and cons togetherwith you.What comes to my mind when discussing....is...Almost every day you hear....Today we are repeatedly confronted with the problem of....Some (experts/people/of my friends) say...A friend of minesaid...Recently I have read that....When discussing.....I remember....Therefore one should discuss..../ask the question if..../it is interesting to weigh up the pros and cons of.../the benefits anddrawbacks of..../the arguments in favour of and against...Spontaneously it seems to me that.....Quite frankly, I tend to think that... |
Main body
Arguments for the side you don’t agree with. |Firstly/In the first place....Let us start by considering...Let us first consider the question of...I should like to begin with...The first obvious advantage/disadvantage of...Secondly....Moreover....Furthermore....Another thing is....Another point in favour of/against... is... | Always add examples / explanations / illustrations / reasons / consequences... It is essential to form paragraphs.Each paragraph must have a key sentence (- usually at the beginning). Don’t write any one-sentence-paragraphs.Examples:Take for example.....Take for instance...One example out of many is...Just look...
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