Wuthering heights of emily bronte, essay

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Wuthering Heights
Wuthering heights is a story completely full of drama, tragedy, resentment and revenge; as well as disaffection and hopelessness. And we can thus think about what is truly thereason for all this drama?, what is the source of all this suffering?If think in everything that made the character of Heathcliff to satisfy his revenge against the two families. The Linton and theEarshaw, we can assume that there was a single reason to the penalty for which passed both families, and is easy to think that that would cause is what happened if the old Earshaw (I am referring to thefather of Catherine and Hindley) does not carried on with Heathciff and adopted him as an own son. Hindley would have been the only real brother of Catherine, as much as parental and affection; andHindley had not developed the bitterness and hatred that eventually led him to have the life that later took. Catherine possibly would have been able to continue being temperamental and the wild girl thatshe was, but possibly lesser by not become this character due to the confusion and impediments which Heathcliff represents for her and so Edgar Linton could have been his only true love notknowing Catherine any other man that would be so and being Edgar so sweet and gentle how was always, would have been able to make Catherine extremely happy being she free of confusion without Heathcliff.She would have a husband affective and devout, single object of his thought; and that way even in a possibility very extreme Linton parents up to had been able to continue living by that we mustremember that Catherine met them cause of one of his walks alongside Heathcliff where a time after she infected them and they die. And therefore Isabella had not suffered everything that she had becamewife of Heathcliff. We are allowed to think that the only sourceof all the torments that took two families was the miserable Heathcliff.
Having mentioning the sweetness and courtesy of the love which...
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