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  • Publicado : 22 de octubre de 2010
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The famous shootout at O.K. Corral between the Earp brothers and the Clanton bandits, in a world where brutality was typical in the West, Earp was appointed as Sheriff ina town where it was survival of the fittest, in this environment family values are represented, as well as those of Justice and the friendship, the film presented Earp as a hero who supports the plotand exalts his main characters leaving a legacy to American culture.
I think that in the end the film is about the story of a family, in which the only option of saving the family is confrontcriminals. The film exalts family values when on the opening scenes we encounter the Earp brothers with their loved and respected wives, including when they both look at each other on a shop window and Earphimself said that this is what always he wanted, a quiet family life. During the entire film the relationship between the brothers is strong and of mutual support, they accompanied and respect eachother, and the few family scenes were supported with moments of peace and love.
The film also exalts the values for justice, the Earp brothers are famous for being hard and intransigents with thosewhom do not respect the law and therefore win enemies in the West. Wyatt demonstrates this when the historic face-off took place, and for me the most important part was, when Wyatt Earp faced off withIke Clanton in the train terminal where they had ambushed his family, and allowing him to scape, tells him “Ok Clanton, you want a storm, then a storm you will have! Now I’m Marshal of the U.S andthe cowboys (which represent the bad guys) are finished, you understand? If I see a red poncho, I will kill the man wearing it, so run scoundrel, run and tell the other scoundrels that law is coming toget them, tell them that I will go for them, and that I’ll take hell with me, you hear me? I’ll take hell with me…”
The value of friendship strongly represented in the film. It is represented...
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