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  • Publicado : 26 de mayo de 2011
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Justin Bieber,Fans(:
On Tuesday 3rd May 2011, @BlEBERFOREVER said:
*Secret life of the BIGGEST belieber*

My dad thinks that im obsessed with Justin Bieber and he never let me go on my laptop,because he thinks I look too much about Bieber. He works from 6 am until 00:00 at night. So I have time to go on the computer. My mother understands me and let me do what I want. When my dad is at homei cant listen to @justinbieber's music or go on Twitter.. Justin Bieber retweeted me 2x and my mom knows it, my dad doesnt know anything about it ! Im crying everynight when i go to bed. My daddoesnt understand that i love @justinbieber. Once i started to talk about @justinbieber and my dad hit me. My sister is always at home and when she sees that im on Twitter she tells my dad and my dad getsmad at me and says that i'll never get my laptop back. But my mom gives it to me in the morning when my sister isnt at home and my dad works. I've been to Justin's concert when my dad was on vacantionin Australia. My sister told him that i've been there and he hit me. I've been crying 5 hours because of that. I'll always support my hero @justinbieber even if my dad always hits me and gets mad atme. Im a true belieber and it will never change. My sister hates Justin and thinks he's gay that why she screwed up my night at Justin's concert. My mom likes Justin and she thinks he has a goodheart. But my dad hates me and Justin too. i left my home for 2 weeks, i lived by my friend. But then my mom called me to come back home, when i came my dad tore all my Bieber posters off the wall!

**More Problems **

I got Justin Bieber's 3 albums ''my world'', ''my world 2'' & '' my world actoustic'' . I also got his Book ''first step 2 forever'' and also PURPLE GLASSES. But my dad found thatin my room and threw it away! I cried alot but my mom gave it back to me and she fighted with my dad. My dad said that he's going to kill me so i moved to my grandmom, now im living here with my...
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