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“The Mozart effect”

The effect is very important because diseases such as Alzheimer and epilepsy attenuation for the music the genius, another phenomenon was that children from 3 to 11years improved their ability to understand spatial. Another study in mouse was shown that when exposed to these animals during their stay in belly and during the 60 days of life are much more rapidanimals in the resolution of the maze.

when a people hears Mozart induces a positive state in which some experts mentioned that it works much better while in that state Remain.

In somekindergartens in EUU they put music to children and this encourages their growth and relaxing. In Florida is required that children listen to classical music during his stay in it to enhance learning.
Ismagic come the music the mozart help a relaxing and the another magic cure disease, in nursing homes also set to music of Mozart to help you relax and live more healthy. Is beautiful the music de Mozart.The Mozart effect in my opinion is of great importance from the womb to the fetus stimulates cognitive level and their development, I personally my child throughout the pregnancy I put music ofMozart and as the fetus begin to hear move with great force, I assumed it was because the boy she loved and was excited.

The time the child was put his music and calming sleep longer and when shewept, she calmed down, and then I thought it was because the child felt in the womb and was satisfied. It's very nice to see your child grow healthy and strong and do everything possible to ensure thatthe daily is smarter.

When my son was 6 months old I bought a Baby Einstein DVD it is showing images of moving objects and very bright child is left up to an hour looking at the objects and listeningto the songs. When my son was a year and a half of age to view the videos repeated the names of objects or animals that appeared in, thanks to that my son began to speak much more quickly and...
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