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EPSON Stylus COLOR 300 under Windows XP
(Homemade installation v 1.1)


If you are reading this you probably already know that Epson has not released (nor intents on releasing) Windows XP-compatible drivers for their Stylus Color 300. Unfortunately the Windows NT 4.0 drivers floating around the Net will not install under XP (they did under Windows 2000), whichleft me, and lots of other users, in a bit of a loss. But never one to give up at first hurdle I pressed on...

After a lot of trial, error and hacking I was finally able to get the Epson Stylus COLOR 300 to work under Windows XP. I then spent a few hours trying to simplify the procedure in hopes that other users of this printer might get it to work too.

While these steps worked fine withme, they might not work at all on your machine. In fact, since this procedure involves changes to the Windows Registry it is a SENSITIVE PROCEDURE THAT CAN, IN AN EXTREME CASE, RENDER YOUR WINDOWS XP INSTALLATION USELESS! While I find this immensely hard to occur, it can hypothetically happen, so you use this at your own risk. I will not be liable for any damages directly or indirectly connected tousing this procedure and it comes with NO WARRANTY whatsoever.

Also, don't bother contacting Epson for support about these drivers - they are totally unofficial. In fact, even the NT drivers on which this distribution is based were themselves unofficial and totally unsupported!

FYI, this procedure was created on Windows XP Professional Version 2002 (English version) installed intoC:\WINDOWS, on an AMD K6-2 500 machine. I have since received feedback from dozens of people that have installed it under all sorts of systems and Win XP languages with success.


Ideally you would run this procedure before you attempted to install the printer before (i.e. with a clean installation). Since this is probably not the case (how would you know that you can't get the printer to workbefore trying to install it?) we'll have to make do with deleting the printers as best as we can...

1) Switch off the printer;
2) Start your computer and log into Windows XP (as an administrator-level user). Select Start->Settings->Printers And Faxes. Right-click on each of the printers there and select "Delete" to remove them.
3) Select Start->Settings->System. Go to the Hardware tab andpress the "Device Manager" button. Look at your devices - if there is an entry for the "EPSON Stylus Color 300" (probably under a yellow question mark) right-click it and select "Uninstall";
3) Restart windows (this might not be needed, but just in case);
4) Log in again. Switch on the printer - the Hardware wizard should detect it. Move on.

-- Found New Hardware Wizard:

1) Select "Installfrom a list or specific location";
2) Select "Don't search. I will choose the driver to install";
3) Select Hardware Type "Printers";
4) Select Epson, and then "Epson Stylus 300 ESC/P 2" - this will install a "dummy" entry into the Printers list that, while it will work with the Stylus Color 300, will not print in colour;

-- Patching the machine:

1) Execute "esc300-XP-driver.exe" toexpand the drivers. Make sure that you provide the executable with your windows installation directory (by default "c:\WINDOWS") when asked! You can make sure it did its job by checking that the directory "(your windows directory here)\system32\spool\drivers\w32x86\2" exists and that it has the file "E_C3HJ33.DLL" inside;

2) If you installed WindowsXP into C:\WINDOWS you shouldn't need to adapt the"esc300-XP-registry.reg" file... skip to 4;

3) Edit "esc300-XP-registry.reg" with notepad by right-clicking it and selecting "Edit". Search and replace all occurrences of "C:\WINDOWS" (note the double slash) with the path where you installed WindowsXP, DOUBLING ANY SLASHES e.g. If WinXP is in "D:\SYSTEM\WINXP" then replace "C:\WINDOWS" with "D:\SYSTEM\WINXP". Save file and exit;

4) Double...
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