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  • Publicado : 11 de enero de 2011
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How to Activate Rollback Rx
Ac ti v at i on Re q ui r ed Horizon Datasys is committed to the protection of intellectual property rights and the reduction of software piracy. Everyone in the economicchain, not just the software developer, is hurt by piracy, including the reseller, the support provider, and you, the end user. Rollback Rx contains software-based product activation technology,which means you need to activate your copy of Rollback Rx in order to use it permanently. Act i v at e R ol l b ack Rx O v er I nt er n et Co n ne ct io n If the computer has Rollback Rx installed isconnected to Internet, you might easily activate Rollback Rx over the Internet connection. 1. Upon the purchase of Rollback Rx, you Horizon Datasys. You might install Rollback activate it, or if youalready have a demo activate the demo install with the authorized program. will receive an authorized Product ID from Rx with the authorized Product ID and then version of Rollback Rx installed, you mightProduct ID without uninstall and reinstall the


2. To activate Rollback Rx over Internet connection, Right click the Rollback Rx system tray icon and select ABOUT from the popup menu.Click on the Activate button on the ABOUT Window, select "Activate Rollback Rx over Internet connection", click on Next. 2.a If you had installed Rollback Rx with an authorized Product ID that youhad received from Horizon Datasys, simply click on Activate button. 2.b. If you had installed a demo version of Rollback Rx, you need to copy and paste the authorized Product ID that you received fromHorizon Datasys into the dialog box, and then click on Activate button. The computer will need to restart to complete the activation process. That is it! You won't need to input any other information.* You can only activate the number of computers authorized by the authorized Product ID.

Act i v at e R ol l b ack Rx W i th o ut In te r ne t C on n ect i o n If the computer has Rollback Rx...
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