A comment on reunion by john cheever

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  • Publicado : 21 de marzo de 2011
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A Comment on Reunion
Reunion transmits deep feelings in very few words. Charlie’s change of emotions through the story is evident and the reader really gets involved in them. First, Charlie feelsexcitement for meeting his father, whom he has not seen in three years. When he arrives, Charlie expresses his feelings; he is “terribly happy to see him again”. He even wants somebody to see them andto be photographed with him. The admiration that Charlie uses to describe his father when he first saw him makes the reader expect a good and tranquil father-and-son time.
Nonetheless, Charlie’sfather’s behavior is not as Charlie (and the reader) might have anticipated. Indeed, He is rude with the waiters and bad in manners. He asks for alcoholic beverages, but his awful way of saying things makethem get expelled from four restaurants. In my personal opinion, he acts this way to impress his son by showing superiority. Still, he fails and his son remains silent. Although Charlie does not saya single word, the reader can feel what he is feeling, his disappointment and his dejection towards his father.
The end of the reunion is due to Charlie’s father repetitive bad words and conduct.Charlie cannot stand any more. His thoughts about his father change; he is no longer happy, his father has not fulfilled his expectances. Finally Charlie says: “I have to get my train”, answering to hisfather whose intention is to continue seeking for a restaurant. He ends the meeting by saying goodbye and getting his train, showing deep disillusion.
This story may have relation with JohnCheever’s experience with his own father. He was alcoholic, and it caused an unexpected financial crisis in his family. Besides, this crisis resulted in the family breakdown. Personally, I think Cheever gotdisappointed because of his father position. He saw his father drinking instead of trying to improve his family situation, just as Charlie saw his parent being more preoccupied for the drinks than...
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