A comparison between “the lottery” and “the witchcraft trials in salem”

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A comparison between “The Lottery” and “The Witchcraft Trials in Salem”
Every time we enter the ambit of a horror story, we open our ability to look into strange situations and see how we react tothem. The text becomes an ideal scenario that confronts us with experiences that are very unlikely to happen to us in our daily lives. In all horror story emerges at some point, the threat of theunknown, the chaos, which is beyond our control.

Why do we like horror stories, if they produce disturbing situations? Psychoanalysts argue that the limited space of a story, gives us the chance toface, in a in an ideal scenario, situations that we would otherwise not be able to confront.

Horror stories narrate, every day, common and natural situations, but at any given moment there is asurprising and inexplicable scene from the standpoint of the laws of nature. Although based on elements of reality, facts are presented in a different manner to the usual way of seeing things, sometimesstartling and often supernatural. This situation creates uncertainty and unease in the readers and leads them to question and reflect on themselves and the world around them.

When comparing "TheLottery" and "The Witchcraft Trials in Salem," we find similar characteristics and some differences between the two. To begin, the authors, Shirley Jackson and Douglas Linder, give an idea of the theme oftheir stories through the use of community and human nature. However, they differ in symbolism and impact of history on the reader.

Both stories were written around the community setting. Eachstory involves the townspeople. The characters give a big importance to the plot. In each community there are laws, boundaries, and traditions.
The nature of humanity is used to present the prisoners whowere figures of society.

"The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson is a short history of fiction, of horror genre, in which a lottery is used to choose a person to be stoned to death in the town...
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