A picture to remenber

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  • Publicado : 22 de noviembre de 2010
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A picture to remember is the history of a woman Cristina who works in the Museo Nacional de Bellas artes in Buenos Aires Argentina.
His boss offered her, a job in a museum in Paris.Cristina accepts the work. One day, Christina was going in her motorbike going to the GYM, when she saw two men in a car. One of the men, had tattoo in the neck of a rose. She listened to the noiseof a car of policeman and the man raises his weapon and Christina scared very much. She runs but a taxi stroke her.
Cristina woke up in a hospital and listened to the doctor saying that she was okdidn´t remember anything of the accident
One week later, Christina returned to work. The attackers bought the diary and they found the news of the woman of the motorcycle. They wanted to kill herbecause she saw their faces. They investigated everything on her. First, they sabotaged one of her you scheme that Christina was using in the GYM. Cristina felled down in the trap but only an arm hurteritself. Later, the directors of the museum of you give birth it calls Christina in order that they are seen in the airport. Cristina met Philip and took a coffee. Later they were walking along thestreet when I knocked down a car to Philip. Cristina thought that an accident was not alone. Someone wanted to kill her. Cristina told everything to his friend Daniel and told everything to apoliceman.
The policeman said to her that they are going to kill her. Cristina and Daniel were in the hospital where Felipe was. Cristina saw two men in a car. She saw that a man had a tattoo in his neckof a rose, and also I listen to the sound of the policeman's car and in this moment, Christina remembered everything. Cristina and Daniel flee of them until the thieves hit with a policeman's car. Oneman died and other one they take him to the jail. Six months later, Cristina was in the first night of the exhibition of museum of fine arts and she meets Felipe and they discover were on loved.
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