I shoulnt be alive

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  • Publicado : 13 de febrero de 2011
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Writing: I Shouldn`t be alive
Have you ever had an accident that make you feel like giving up with your life?
This is a story about 2 persons that had to face a very difficult adversity because ofa big and dangerous accident, theirs name are Warren MacDonald and Geert van Keulen and they are explorer`s, they went on a trip to an island of Australia and there was where all theirs survivingproblem`s began.
First of all, they arrived to the island and began exploring the area to establish a camp or a place where they can sleep and have some water, they know exactly what to do (or at leastthat was what they thought) because they had been exploring different places with a lot dangerous for some time.
However and to start with the adversity of our explorers, everything began on the firstnight in the camp, when Warren MacDonald needed to go to the bathroom. The problem here, was that Warren needed to find a far place from the camp to do it because otherwise, the water that have fordrink on the camp would be contaminated so, he decided to climb some rocks to find the place he was looking for. He was climbing the rocks but the structure of these was not very strong so, thestructure collapsed making his legs get trapped under the boulder.
In addition with this trouble, everything happen in the night whit not lights to saw if another danger was around and while Geert wassleeping in the camp reason for why, Warren scream with all his strengths, making Geert get up and come for his aid. Geert, seeing that his friend was trapped under that boulder, went to search for a bigstick to lift the boulder and free Warren, but it didn`t work so he give up with that plan and decided to tried theirs last hope.
After that, Geert tried to lift Warren spirit and said to him that hewas going to look for someone else help but to do that, he would have to go to the beach were a ferry past near the island once a day so, he began his trip to the coast of the island.
In addition,...
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