J.r.r tolkien

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J.R.R Tolkien

John Ronald Reuel Tolkien was influence by the historical period in which he lived. Thanks to the historical period and significant events through out his live. He was able to create the magnificent The Lord of the Rings. Tolkien’s love of languages and his dedication in creating his own language contributed to his success. It was his motivation of learning and encouragementby his mother at an early age that made him, one of the greatest British Writers.
J.R.R Tolkien was born on January 3, 1892, at Bloemfontein , South Africa. Tolkien family had been prosperous piano manufacturers, but the business had failed. In 1895 Tolkien left Africa with his mother and brother because the climate was damaging his health. His father stayed, while Tolkien, his brother andmother move to Birmingham, England. His father never made it back to England; because he contracted rheumatic fever and died in 1896.
He spend his early childhood in Sarahole, a rural near Birmingham. Also in later life, Tolkien would use “the people of Sarahole as the hobbits and the country side as the Shire”. (Becker p.10) Being in the countryside, Tolkien mind wonder with adventures andlanguages. He became a precious child because had capability to invent three or four language. It was this same capability that later in live he used to crate and master Elvish. Furthermore, an early age he was introduced Latin and Greek by his mother. (Becker pgs. 10 -11)
When he was eight years old his mother converted to Catholicism. In 1904 his mother died and Father Francis Morgan became their legalguardian. Father Morgan took responsibility for bringing education upon Tolkien. He was taken to an orphanage in Birmingham, but Father Morgan provided him with his own private room. Even though he loved the “city’s libraries, museums and schools, he missed the peace and beauty of the country side”(Becker p.12). Given the fact the he love languages he decide to learn Anglo- Saxon and Welsh onhis own. By the time he was sixteen “ Tolkien had master Latin and Greek and was becoming deeply immense in Anglo-Saxon Literature”(Becker pg12). There is no surprise that Tolkien master Latin and Greek, since his mother had been a great influence. Also at these age he met his love Edith Mary Bratt, which later in his live she becomes his wife and mother of four.
Tolkien knew that in order to“escape from a lower middle-class commercial life was by winning a academic scholarship “(Kroeber pg.1277) .Edith became somewhat of an obsession for Tolkien, and his guardian, Father Morgan, determined to separate the young couple. For, it seemed that their relationship was interfering with Tolkien's studies and leaving him unprepared to take the exams to enter college. He failed to gain ascholarship at first, but with some difficulty he did in 1910, gain entrance to Exeter College, Oxford. Throughout his life, Tolkien had cultivated a love of language, especially ancient languages. At Oxford “he concentrated on English language and literature” (Kroeber pg.1277) and majoring in philology, which is the study of words and language. He would be much influenced by Icelandic, Norse andGothic mythology. Even some of the characters and place names he would later develop would be drawn from the names from ancient sagas. The forest of Mirkwood, which played a prominent roll in both "The Hobbit" and in "The Lord of the Rings" was borrowed from Icelandic mythology. The names of many of the dwarves in "The Hobbit" were actual names in myths.
While at Oxford he would go on long walkswith his friends, but for the most part he spent a good time studying. It was at these point of his life, that “Tolkien’s love of language was as strong as it had ever been”(Becker pg. 15). At the encourage of his first tutor, Joseph Wrighty, Tolkien also began creating and refining his own language, Elvish. His first efforts to create a mythology for Elcish took place at Oxford “when he began...
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