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This book is about Holly Kennedy, a 29 year old woman, and Gerry Kennedy, her husband. They met when they were in university, and they fell in love and got married. They got alonggreat, they were not only husband and wife but also best friends, and they fought and made up and laughed and acted like children all the time. They enjoyed each other’s company immensely. In thebook, Holly always says they were soul mates.
In university they also met their respective best friends, who also happened to be a couple: Sharon and John McCarthy.
The book starts with a devastatedHolly, who is mourning after her late husband. Gerry had been having really strong headaches lately, and when he went to the doctor to get checked, he delivered some very bad news. Gerry had a braintumor. They tried everything to shrink it and make it go away, but it kept growing back. And Holly, Sharon, John and even Gerry knew what was coming; their best friend was going to die.
Gerry knew hiswife perfectly. And he loved her so much, and was so scared for her, for what was going to happen to her after he wasn’t there anymore. So he decided to leave her letters. One letter for each month,until he considered she would be good to carry on on her own. Each letter or note ended with: P.S: I love you.
Naturally, the first month she was devastated, didn’t leave the house, didn’t eat, didn’tshower, didn’t talk to anyone, didn’t sleep, and didn’t feel. All she did was cry, and sleep, and wake up and cry again.
The first letters encouraged her to do little things, change a few thingshere and there. Then came bigger things, like a vacation in Spain Gerry planned for her and her two best friends, Sharon and Denise, in one of his last letters he encouraged her to get a job she lovedthis time, not one she had just because she needed it, and that she hated, as she was used to having.
Every month Holly waited eagerly to open Gerry’s letters, for it was the only thing that kept...
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