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  • Publicado : 6 de diciembre de 2011
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Anthrax - Caught In A Mosh

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Subido por AnthraxVEVO el22/11/2009
Music video by Anthrax performing Caught In A Mosh. (C) 1987 Island Records Inc.
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Artista: Anthrax

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Listening to this on National Metal Day 11.11.11 \m/
melkyyy53 hace 3 semanas 22
Slayer + Iron Maiden = Anthrax
guitardrumskate hace 2 semanas 14
ver todo
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SHIT!!! jjjjjjjjjjjjj
I had this concert in VHS tape,
Feel's good to hear this, i like it.
myfinger hace 23 horas
@JohnSmithAprilMay Ahwell, still all part of the epicness for me personally :D and YES. THEY FREAKIN ROCK. \m/
Powerslave94 hace 1 día
@Powerslave94 nah, definitely victims of the times. Charlie's hair looks likesomeone stapled a clown wig to another clown wig, Scott was of course rockin' the skullet, Dan had a Peggy Bundy mullet and Frankie and Joey looked like old women working a gas station register forsmokes.One of the things I always loved about Anthrax was that no matter how smart and self-deprecating they were, they still had heinous mullets. They're also a really good band.
JohnSmithAprilMayhace 1 día
@JohnSmithAprilMay ...Did they? Personally I think it's always looked pretty awesome!
Powerslave94 hace 1 día
@Powerslave94 the funny part being Anthrax had some of the worst hair of anyband ever.
JohnSmithAprilMay hace 1 día
the best music...
jonhjdmrocks hace 1 día en la lista de reproducción deezer
shit seeing and hearing this makes me feel old.....but i still love it...
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