‘The organisation of the league of nations as laid out in its covenant was the main reason for its failure’ to what extent do you agree with this statement?

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History Essay Question

‘The organisation of the League of Nations as laid out in its covenant was the main reason for its failure’ To what extent do you agree with this statement?

The USPresident Wilson Woodrow set out his peace plans with were based on fourteen points. The fourteenth point said that ‘a general association of nations must be formed....for the purpose of affording mutualguarantees of political independence and territorial integrity to great and small states alike’ this was Wilsons plan for a league of nations. Unfortunately the purpose of the league to bring peace tothe world was not successful. Many people believe that the organisation of the league was the main reason for its failure.

After the war, in January 1919 world leaders met at the Paris conference& Wilson introduced his 14 points and the countries agreed with the founding of the League of Nations. So the league introduced its covenant, a covenant made of 26 articles explaining theorganisation structure and aims of the League but mainly the rules members of the league should be aware of.

There are many issues in the organisation of the league that brought its failure and to beginwith we can talk about the members of the league. One of the great weaknesses was the fact that the three most powerful countries in the world were not members. The USA, the main country whichintroduced the creation of the league did not want to join , the world’s biggest economy, went into its policy of isolation again in order to keep out of European affairs. The other two were Russia, for beingcommunist, and Germany for starting the war. The Russians didn’t mind, but the Germans did. The German perception of the League of Nations was negative mainly because of the League being related tothe Treaty of Versailles...So without the three world powers, the League was too weak to make a big country obey to the decision made by the league (Italy over Corfu in 1923).

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