To What Extend Was The League Of Nations Succesful?

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To what extend was the League of Nations succesful?
The League of Nation was an organization, that was a result of the first world war, that was based in Wilson´s 14 points.The aims of thesewere toencourage business and trade cooperation, disarmament, peace between countries and improve living and working conditions, specially to avoid social conflicts.
There are a lot of arguments about theLeague of Nations that tells that the league was succesful. Firstly, the case of Upper Silesia, that was an industrial region on the border between Germany and Poland (both wanted it). When the leaguesaw this problem they call a plebisite and most of the industrial area was voted to Germany and Poland the rural, so they were divided like this, but it built in many safeguards to prevent futuredisputes.
Another similar case was in Aaland islands, that was between Sweden and Finland, and both wanted it. There would be a war, if they don´t agree whose the islands were. So the League of Nationstook action, and decides that the islands were finnish.
In addition the League of Nations worked in refugees, working conditions, health, transport and social problems. About 400,000 prisioners werereturned to their homes, the legue also make the industries to have they labour 48 hours a week maximum and 8 hours a day. The leprosy was also tried to treat and to defeat it, also in transport wasproduced an international higway code for road users. Another are the social problems, the league blacklisted four large German, Dutch, French and Swiss companies wich were involved in the illegal drugtrade.
Moreover, the case of Bulgaria was like a revenge of the Corfu case, Greece atack to Bulgaria, but Greece was again condemned by the league of nations for atacking without reason Bulgaria.Greece had to pay and pull out compensations to Bulgaria.
Althought the league of Nations was succesful, it was not because in the case of Corfu, the border between Greece and Albania. While the...
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