“The League Of Nations Failed To MaIntaIn World Peace Because Of Its Failures In Manchuria And AbyssInia”. To What Extent Do You Agree With This Statement?

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History essay
“The league of nations failed to maintain world peace because of its failures in Manchuria and Abyssinia”. To what extent do you agree with this statement?
The League of Nations wasan organization created after the First World War to solve the problems between the countries and therefore maintain world peace.
The League of Nations was first presented in the year 1918 inWilson’s 14 points and then, in 1919, he demanded the inclusion of the 14 points in the Treaty of Versailles.
The leagues covenant established that the league’s aims were to discourage aggression from anynation; encourage countries to co-operate, especially with each other, especially in business and trade; encourage nations to disarm and to improve living and working conditions.
Europeans thought thatWilsons plan for the league was very idealistic, as they thought that nations would not really co-operate with each other in times of crisis and that they would refuse to help each other, and refuseto disarm.
The League had some successes in the 1920s, like for example in upper Silesia, in 1921, in the Aaland islands, also in 1921, but on the other hand, the league of nations also had somefailures in the 1920s/30s, like for example the conflict in Manchuria, n the year 1931; the conflict of Corfu, in 1923 and, the conflict in Abyssinia, in ye years 1935-36.
On the one hand, the League ofNations failed to maintain world peace because of its failures in Manchuria and Abyssinia.
The league failed because of the failures in these two conflicts as, Manchuria and Abyssinia showed thatthe League was weak and powerless to prevent aggression from powerful nations as it had no army. This was seen in the conflicts of Manchuria and Abyssinia, in 1931, Japan invaded Manchuria, and in 1935,Italy invaded Abyssinia, this caused a great failure and crisis to the league as the League of nations did not have any army and therefore could not stop these invitations, portraying the league...
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