10 Caracteristicas De La Television Del Futuro

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Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG)
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The Future of Television: Sweeping Change at Breakneck Speed
10 Reasons You Won’t Recognize Your Television in the Not-Too-Distant Future
By Scott Puopolo, Carlos Cordero, William Gerhardt, Kate Griffin, Leszek Izdebski, and David Parsons, Cisco IBSG ServiceProvider Practice
Imagine watching television with no channels, no remote control, perhaps not even a TV set. You might catch the news on the bathroom mirror as you brush your teeth, and then check sports scores after work on the family-room window. If a football game really captures your interest, you could watch the action from any perspective you choose—the end zone, on the 50-yard line, or evenin the middle of the huddle. During the commercial break, the irresistible aroma of pizza wafting from the TV might compel you to click on the logo and order a large double cheese right from the screen. It won’t be long before these scenarios become reality. The Cisco® Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG) recently interviewed more than 50 television experts—producers, engineers, andscholars—to develop a picture of the future TV landscape. These experts agree that almost every aspect of TV will be transformed: how we interact with the TV; how we interact with one another while watching TV; our relationship with the content; the nature of the TV screen itself; how content is produced, packaged, and paid for; and who makes money from it. Cisco IBSG believes the convergence of three keydrivers—technology, consumer behavior, and business models—will move us toward this “Jetsons” vision. New technology is rapidly increasing the resolution of displays, and social networking technology is making it easy to share and interact with content. Improved Internet connectivity and performance allow delivery of high-definition video without interruption. As a result, consumers’ TV usage ischanging: they increasingly expect access to content anywhere, anytime. In terms of business models, advertisers are scrambling to adjust as the DVR, Internet video, and other time-shifting options pull the rug out from under traditional, linear TV advertising, causing many to question whether it is still the most effective model for reaching consumers. Already, some content providers are testing thewaters by bypassing aggregators and delivering TV content straight to the consumer. After examining these drivers and holding in-depth discussions with TV experts, Cisco IBSG developed 10 predictions for the future of television. Although we asked the experts for their perspective on the television landscape 20 years from now, the current, blistering rate of change could cause some of thesepredictions to become reality in the next five years.

Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG)

Cisco IBSG © 2011 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.


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10 Predictions that Will Transform the TV-Viewing Experience
1. Channels Go Away
Most viewers will watch customized, on-demand streams, or they will access unlimited content from available librariesusing powerful search/recommendation engines. As consumers increasingly “time-shift” their TV viewing (watching what they want, when they want), traditional channels have less mindshare and brand awareness. The number of channels and size of content libraries have grown to the point that channel searching now frustrates consumers. From a technological standpoint, Internet-connected televisiondevices such as the Xbox, Apple TV, and Roku will see an adoption explosion in the next few years. As they do, consumers will start to associate Internet-like search and discovery with the TV. They’ll also demand integrated functionality that’s part of a single, simplified interface—no more multiple boxes. One hundred percent of the TV experts agreed with this prediction.
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