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Discrimination, is it still alive?

Christopher Rivera Ramos
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Monday 29, 2012

Discrimination is it still alive? In this essay we will look at three of the most recent cases of discrimination in the United States. Two of the cases are against the Immigration andCustoms Enforcement Agents or ICE as most people know it. The last case is tours racial discrimination one of the most common and oldest form of discrimination in the U.S. Hopefully by the end of this essay you would have an opinion on whether or not discrimination is still alive.

Obamas Immigration Policy vs. the law

According to the article ten ICE agents filed a lawsuit inthe federal court of Dallas, Texas against the Department of Homeland Security. The suit cites Obamas administration decision to allow young people to be brought in to the U.S before the age of 16 and that meet certain criteria to apply for a two year relief period in which they could not be deported. The complaint also objects to the policy of “prosecutorial discretion”, in which ICE agents aresupposed to focus their attention on dangerous criminals who are illegal immigrants in the U.S. In a nutshell, the agents do not want to obey the new policies and do not want to face any disciplinary action or lawsuit if they continue to arrest any type of immigrant who is in the United States illegally.
The agents say and quote “we are federal law enforcement officers who are beingordered to break the law. This directive put us in a horrible position because we try to do or job but Obamas administration prohibits us from doing it” unquote. Despite all of the controversy every decision taken by the ICE agents is temporary until Congress takes action on reforming immigration policies and that it ensures that responsible young people, who are American in every way but on paper,have an opportunity to remain in the country and make their fullest contribution. Obamas administration announced in June that it will stop deporting young illegal immigrants.
The article states that as many as 1.7 million youths may qualify for the program, according to the Pew Hispanic Center, a project of the Pew Research Center. Now with all this being sed and done this next case putsICE agents in an even titer spot because it shows discrimination inside the ICE agency.

ICE chief of staff sued

For over 17 years Hayes rose through the ranks from Border Patrol agent to a top position at headquarters in charge of Detention and Removal Operation, overseeing a $2.5billion budget. But now his lawsuit states that he was removedfrom that job because of gender discrimination. The article states that Hayes is suing to recover $335,000 in moving costs and lost bonuses he says he incurred when was transferred in 2009 to New York from Washington. His lawyer says other ICE employees have been reimbursed for similar expenses.
Hayes` lawsuit also claims he faced retaliation after threatening to file an equal opportunityclaim against DHS and cites six internal investigations that were all unfounded. However, all but one of those investigations against him involving complaints by the fellow employees were initially filed before Napolitano took office in 2008.
DHS has filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit and denied allegations of discrimination and retaliation. According to a federal official who defended ICEas an agency of “dedicated law enforcement professionals”, Hayes` lawsuit is filled with “false and unsubstantiated” allegations against DHS employees. The allegations “do not align with the fact that Mr. Hayes has routinely held high ranking assignments, including his current position as head of ICE`s second largest field in New York, the official added.
The chief of staff to the...
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