Actividad Integradora Base De Datos

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Excercise 3 b) page 73
It’s freezing! Can you close the door please? R
Can i get something to eat? O
Could i see you for a minute , Mr Brown? R
Could i help you in any away? R
Can youopen this bottle for me? O
Could you please follow me? O

Exercise 2 b) page 77
It’s beetween the bank and the apartament store : Restaurant
It’s opposite the clothing store : Internet caféIt’s behind the drugstore : Bookstore
It’s next to newsstand : Bakery
It’s in front of the clothing store : Internet cafe

Excercise 3 b) page 79

A: Is Mr Richards in a meeting now?
B:I don’t know . I isn’t in his office.
A: Is this folder his?
B:Yes , it’s mine . It i son the desk
A: Do you know where the copy room is?
B: Come with me . I’ll show it .
A: What do youthink of the new computers?
B: I really like it . they are easy to use.
A: Do you like your new secretary?
B: Yes , she’s nice . Everyone likes hers
A: Come to into my office . I need to talk tome
b) , c) page 81
He turned off the lights . El apago las luces
It can you take off? Se le peude quita?
Don’t throw away them. Manera de perder eso
Make sure you pick out the correctpictures . Solo toma las imágenes correctas.

c) page 83
You musn’t allowed ti enter this área.
They have to wear a unofrm at school
It don’thave to get up early tomorrow , it’s Sunday
You don’t need to come i you don’t want to
You musn’t to tell anyone
It isn’t necesary to return the books to the library today.a) Page 84

Cheap – cheaper (than) – the chepeast
Tasty- tastier (than)- the tastiest
Expensive – more expensive – the most expensive
Good- better - the best
Big -bigger - the biggest
Nice – nicer – the nicest

b) Page 87

He’s tired isn’t he?
She cant swin, can she?
The didn’t go out , did they?
Let’s go out , shall we?
You are...
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