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Period (.)
The period is used:

• the end of a sentence:
She teaches french and English.
Sorry, I can`t . I have to do my homework.
Les`t goswimming.

ª In abbreviations :
Rd. (Road), Sat. (Saturday),
Approx. ( approxmately), Mr. (Mister), Dr. (Doctor)

Comma (,)
In English, the comma is used to:ª Indicate a pause in the midst of a long sentence :
Everyone agrees that Anna is very intelligent, but she is kind of lazy.

ª Separate a list of more than two things :I bought bananas, mangoes and oranges.
I like video games, going to the movies and seeing my friends.

ª To separate a series of adjectives that precede anoun. These
            commas are optional:
She has long, curly, brown hair.

ª after or before and after words together, they
            sequence or add information:Last nigth, we stayed up late to watch the match.
The teacher, however, did not agree.
Marco, who is usually late, arrived early today!

Semicolon (;)
The semicolon is usedin English:

ª To join two sentences that are related to each other:
Shrek is my favorite movie; and the dragon is my favorite carácter in it.

ª To separate longitems in a list:

Please enter the library quietly; leave your coats and bags by the door;
and look for an interesting book to read.

Colon (:)
The colon is used:ª To make a number of items in a list :
You will need to show one of the following pieces of identification:
a passport, a driver`s license, or a student card.

ªTo explain something about the front of the prayer:

It took a long time to get home: there was a lot of traffic.

Question mark (?)
It is used in English:
At the end of a...
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