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Addiction is a dependency an a substance or activity and you cannot live without it. People today have some kind of vice, for example: technology, video games,work, shopping, fast food or other.
Today, there are lists of the top ten addictions of the century which are: plastic surgery, internet, sex, shopping. Poker, exercises,tooth whitening, TV- video games, love and work. These addictions are the most practiced by millions of people around the world because they want to be accepted in any group orto demonstrate that they are able to practice things that guy or just low self-esteem or want to pretend something they are not.
People become addicted to these things becausethey begin to practice them more often and in greater quantity. We can detect a possible addiction when a situation is out of control.
Addicts often have common patterns ofbehavior:
They become obsessive, showing great nervousness and anxiety, they leave their everyday lives to satisfy the addiction, are usually irritable, are unaware of theirproblem, tend to tell lies and deceive people to hide their addiction.
A lot of people practice sports, hobbies or activities they also travel to different places, outdooractivities with family or friends or simply spend time on recreational activities that help them relax and feel good.
Many of these activities can help people live in harmony,feel good, feel peace and forget all the problems in their lives.
The power to change is in every person. The first step is to accept that you have an addiction and that youneed help from your family or professionals in order move forward and thus be able to put an end to that situation that is slowly killing him and the people who are around.
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