Causes And Effects Of Drug Addictions

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The drugs are substances that could be medicinal or not, and are introduced into the body by any route (oral, intravenous, respiratory…) and has different andnegative consequences in your central nervous system, physic, behavior etc.The drug addiction is very complex disease characterized by uncontrollable use of drugs.These people are called addicts and they have differentmental or physical disorders but they don’t admit them even if they can die.
What leads to addiction?The lack of a healthy, nurturing home environment make persons find a way to feel accepts and good.Influences and activities outside the home environment by persons that are involved in the drugs use. Genetics is a valid cause of substance abuse.
Why some persons experiment thedrugs? The people experiment forthe first time drugs for many different reasons. For curiosity. To have a good time.Because friends are doing it. An effort to improve athletic performance. For traumatic situations (stress,anxiety, depression).
The use doesn’t make you automatically abuse and there is not level of addictions and it depends by person.
The drugs can be legal or illegal and the classification depends...
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