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Smoking is a habit that many people around the world share, no matter race or gender this habit is present almost everywhere. The age people startsmoking tobacco cigarettes is decreasing time to time as well as the consumption of other legal or illegal drugs as marihuana, crack, alcohol and methamphetamines.

The topic of this essay is mainlythe smoking of tobacco cigarettes, the causes are many, I do smoke and some friends of mine too, their reasons are very different within each other, some of them because of curiosity, others becausetheir friends do or even because they did not get any education at home of how dangerous for health is to smoke.

In my experience whenever some of my friends offered me a cigarette I declined until Iwas curious and finally accepted, finding nothing interesting on it but somehow I was not willing to quit and smoked more time to time considering this to be part of myself identity and admittingthis as a habit just like eating or drinking a glass of water.

Trying to quit smoking is a task that some of us find hard to accomplish, it is comparable to drink alcohol, because there is nothing tosubstitute a cigarette with neither alcohol. There is one thing I have found to be lacking in our society, which is an assistance group for smokers like those for Alcoholics Anonymous.

Governmentactions have been tough in our country, including increasing the price of a pack of cigarettes pushing consumers to quit smoking not to affect their economy, that anyway is still way too low comparingto the prices offered in other countries like the United States, in this case crossing the border you will find that a pack of cigarettes may cost from 5 up to 10 dollars.

The health department inour country has also contributed to the government actions against consumption of cigarettes, within their actions I should mention those images of sick lungs because of emphysema, also a wide open...
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