Advantage Of Single Sex Schools

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The advantages of Single-Sex Schools
Single-sex schools are a school where the students there are just girls or boys. People often think why I should put my son in a single-sex school. I study in a mixed school and I finished ok. What good does to my son to go to a single-sex school; to only share with people with the same gender it may affect his socializing skills? Let me tell you that theyare wrong by thinking does things. With this essay we are going to show you the advantages of single-sex schools which we have found with our research. Single-sex schools have advantages for both boys and girls: Both boys and girls obtain the education the way they should, boys improved and get more interest about school, girls experience improvement in math, science, sports and have less unwantedpregnancy.
You maybe thinking why I say that both boys and girls get the education the way they should. Well Elizabeth Weil writes, "A deluge of data has emerged in recent years detailing how boys and girls have different developmental trajectories and different brains". So with this emerging data we should think if boys and girls develop differently why have them study together. Also, it’s afact that boys mature later than girls, so how can you have students with different maturity levels in a same class room. I bet you never though it that way; still it is what is happening. In coed schools, the girls are often held back or held down to the abilities and interests of the boys. Maybe you don’t believe me, because maybe you are women that studied in a mixed school and you think that youturn out ok; but I got prove. In a study, published in 1997, the Underwoods gave 31 pairs of 8-year-olds a computer-based language task. Children were randomly assigned either to girl-girl, girl-boy, or boy-boy pairs. Each child within a pair was matched with the other for reading ability. The Underwoods found a dramatic difference in story recall, depending on the gender composition of the pair.Boys in boy-boy pairs performed least well, while girls assigned to girl-girl pairs obtained the highest scores. The most striking finding, however, was that girls in girl-boy pairs performed almost as badly as the boys did. Just putting a girl with a boy degraded her performance by roughly 50% on this computer-based task. This effect was highly significant. In other words: paring girls with boysdoes not help the boys, but it does hurt the girls. Also, single-sex education is very good for boys. Graham Able, of Dulwich College (in London, England) studied the performance of girls and boys in 30 single-sex and coeducational schools in England. He found that while both girls and boys did better in single-sex schools than they did in coeducational schools, the single-sex advantage wasgreater for the boys than it was for the girls.
\ Boys in single-sex schools are the ones to get more benefit of it. Since, boys in single-sex schools get more interested in class and even in some classes like Spanish, art, music or even drama. Still, this makes you wonder why boys don’t get interested in this type of classes in mixed schools. Well, is very simple, boys in mixed schools try to impressthe girls so they get the idea that they have to act all “macho” to impress the ladies. A simple example is the classic “geek’ or “jock” the “jock” is the popular guy the one that is in the team of the school he does has good grades but the girls are always with him. The “geek” is the one that is always studying, the one that is always alone and wants to be like the “jock”. In single-sex schoolsthis doesn’t happen, since they don’t take those positions. As a result, boys start to take on classes that in a mixed school they would have consider that were only for girls; and the results are incredible. For example, at Morley High School in Leeds, only one-third of boys had been earning passing grades in German and French prior to institution of the program. After the change to single-sex...
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