Classical schools of management

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Currently the performance of many companies is based on the concepts expressed by so-called classical management, Henry Fayol and Frederick Taylor. But with theimplementation of concepts such as quality and customer service companies have realized to do a mix of classical theory and new management theories to achieve the objectives, among which stands highproductivity.
SEMCO Company develops a model in which management can identify the approaches developed by scientists from the classical school. The first approach is the rationalization of labour by whichit was identified that the work can be better performed by division and subdivision of all the movements necessary for executing each operation of a task. The second is to rationalize a system for topmanagement by which it proposes the development of rational techniques that help create a structure and processes needed to coordinate action in any organization.
Efficiency was established as thebasis of the principles of scientific management of the classical school, and raised the scientific study of the tasks performed by employees seeking to identify unproductive steps in this way thecompany could define and simplify the functions. Today, the economic environment, framed by globalization means that companies looking to implement new organizational approaches to respond to a marketthat is defined by its dynamism. Therefore, we must clarify that SEMCO does not follow all the principles proposed by the classical school, but the following are clearly identified early in thedevelopment of its activities:
Division of work.
At SEMCO, the separation of operations allows each employee busy all the time in the same class of functions and thus a common goal is achieved through unityof effort. Importantly, the company has approximately 3,000 employees, making it more important to the application of this principle by which you can achieve a great and good production. We may add...
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