Advantages and disadvantages of using social networks

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Advantages and Disadvantages of using social networks

Our society is using social networks frequently. There are advantages and disadvantages of this use and I think there are more disadvantages.Social networks has brought many problems to our society like the theft of personal identity, the risk of communicate with any sexual predator who wants to hurts or force you to have sex, and thefact that people become addicted to social networks and abandon other important aspect of their life. In this essay, I’m going to provide examples and facts in order to prove these threedisadvantages as a problem in our society.

The problem of the theft of the personal identity begins when the people give all their personal information, like birthday, phone numbers, parents name andphysical address. With this information is easier for hackers to take people’s personal identity. For example, in Facebook the thing that most amazed me is that you can put where you are right now andanother people can know that and if you are far o near them. Many people like to fill all this information, but they are in risk that one day a hacker take that information and do something bad. Every daywe see cases of hackers who use the accounts of other people and put false information of this person in public. In this time, the problem of the theft of personal information is common and even byimportant corporations. In Los Angeles Time there is a news about that and said: “Sony Corp said that hackers had obtained personal data, and possibly credit card information, of tens of millions ofpeople who have registered for PlayStation Network, the company’s online game and movie service”. This is a great example to show us that hackers can obtained important things like credit cardinformation.

Another problem with the social networks is that many people become addicted and forget other tasks like the job, the family or the school. For example, many students do not complete their...
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