Advertising Worksheet

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1. Read the text and write down to whom or what the following words or phrases refer.

a) This (line 1)

b) This reporter (line 2)

c)It (line 18)

d) They (line 20)

e) Here (line 23)

f) Their (line 30)

g) Three (line 36)

h) They (line 39)

i) We(line 59

j)That contention (line 66)

a) this line (1) it refers to the report/article that he is just about to write and the contents in it.

b) his reporter (2) referring to him, the one who wrote thearticle.

c) it (line 18) refers to the human history, to our moment, our present that will be judged by future generations.

d) they (line 20) the future historians

e) here (line 23) in theprograms emitted between 8pm to 11pm

f) their (line 30) referring to the planners

g) three (line 36) show business, advertising and news

h) they (line 39) advertising ,sales/show business andresearch

i) we (line 59) audience, members of American society

j) that connection (line 66) refers to the people who say that customers wouldn't be interested, too complacent, indifferent orinsulated.

2-For each of the words below chose a word from the table on the right that could be menaningully replace it.

A) Heretical (line 5)

B) Unprecedented (line 13)

C) Peak (line25)

D) Agitate (line 33)

E) Manifold

a)heretical (line 5)-unorthodox b) unprecedented (line 13)extraordinary c) peak (line 25)mountain d) agitate (line 33)disconcert e) manifold (line47)various

words: disconcert, prime, regular, religious, unorthodox, various, pacify, mountain, few, extraordinary.

3- the word discourse means: conversation

4- the word candor means:frankness

5- the phrase "LOOK NOW PAY LATER": the American people will adopt a new advertising slogan


the phrase "the dust never settles" means: A

4- Any written text revolves around a...
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