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1. Identification of the garden.

Building on the farm that we were assigned to carry out this garden project, and seeing that its measures (20 x 11) were a perfect rectangle, opted for thecreation of a French-style garden or geometric based on a geometric principle and bounded, in 4 plots identical measures and separate it all on a path of 2 meters wide, in a cross that converge at the exactcenter of the plot, in which stood a sundial.

2. Description of land where they developed in the project.

The farm has a size of 11 meters wide by 20 long, making the shape of a rectangle.Resulting in a total of 220 square meters.

This property is characterized by almost flat ground without rolling terrain except those we ourselves perform. It also has 3 Cornus sanguinea we have decidedto keep as they are inside of the 4 parcels on which divide the field of geometric shape and perfectly symmetrical.

The main entrance of the estate has an orientation latitude 47 º 17 '50''north,longitude 4 º 13' 19''West. This entry is in the northern part of the farm.

3. Climate and Soil.

Looking at the climate of the Valley, we conclude that climate has an Atlantic type, for the monthof January was presented as the coldest of the year, with an average temperature of 10 degrees and the warmest August with a temperature of 19 degrees. An average annual temperature of 14 °, withwarm winters (average temperatures of 10 º to 12 º) and relatively cool summers (average temperatures of 17 º to 19 º)

The maximum rainfall corresponds with the autumn-winter and minimum in July.However, the rain did not kick in any time of year (dry spells are rare) as Cabezón Valley is characterized by a steady rain, with high rainfall (1,500 mm annual average), because the surroundingmountains capacitors act as screens integrated into the municipality fully moist Spain.

The soils are formed as a result of numerous processes: tectonic pulse, time, climate and biological activity....
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