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Case study: The Body shop Canada
1. Identify the most important facts:
The body shop Canada is a successful company that had the idea to franchise the business and made a convocatory to findpossible franchisee. Richard Paul was interested on that possible business and he started to introduce himself in that idea. The idea at the beginning sounds easy but after the initial contact, thereality shows that the profile of the company is very different than the one he has and the handle of the franchise will be more difficult than he thought because it isn’t a business of investment and alsobecause the profits analysis are just a supposition. The most important thing is operate the stores.

2. Identify the key issues:
* When Mr. Paul started to imagine the business he doesn’tknow if he would have enough capital or if he would be able to secure competent management to operate on a broader scale.
* For Mr. Robertson, Paul was not the kind of franchisee applicant thatthey usually get.
* The Body Shop Canada would not grant multiple franchises to a new franchisee, because they want operators not investors.
* The situation of Body shop stores in City A andCity B does not fit to Mr. Paul the best for potential franchisee, Mr. Paul.
The most relevant issue is that for the company, Mr. Paul not fit in what they expected of their franchisees, because thatwill be the cause for other complications such us the business philosophy, the company vision and mission, the business view and experience of Mr. Paul and the clash between tow thoughts.
3. Specifyevaluate alternative courses of action:

* Forget the whole thing
* Try to get a new franchise
* Buy City A franchise
* Buy City B franchise
* Try to find a way to buy stores4. Evaluate each course of action:

* Forget the whole thing
This action is not the best since Mr. Paul has an initial capital to work with and some knowledge skills to go for it.

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