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In “Harvard Business Review on Managing Yourself,” the authors recreate the theme of business through the different personal experiences and how knowing yourself to be a better manager or executive in their companies. They provide the essential information to perform competitive carrier in this fast-moving world, reflecting the psychological aspect of managing and the consequencesof made bad decisions, analaized the problems founded and the possible alternatives and solutions.
The author’s, show us how to use the right tools and offer advice on how managers can improve personal performance and productivity and , in the process, become better managers of those they lead.
After reading this text, I learned that to bea candidate for CEO position, is not enough to have skills and knowledge, but also experience and mature enough to handle a company and, knowing your limitations. I can refer to three aspects into consideration to be a good candidate: Management Savvy, Political Intelligence and, Personal Style, handling these aspects, the CEO candidate could be considered a good candidate or an elite candidate,depending on the individual.
In “Almost Ready : How Leaders Move Up,” Dan Ciampa describes the experience of different candidates to become a new CEO’s, how they prepare to make the big step, face up the situation as a CEO and be ready to the challenge. He explains the people be in the number two position on the climb is not enough to boost them to be in a number one, because sometimes they don’trealize the qualities help them to get the second position are different.
Ciampa state “When succession doesn’t go well-or fails altogether- many people pay the price: employees depending on a smooth hand off at the top, investors expecting continuous leadership, and families uprooted when jobs don’t pan out. Among those at fault are boards that do not keep a close watch on the successionprocess, human resource organizations that should have the capacity to help but are not up to the task, and CEOs who do a poor job coaching potential successors.” He touch the responsibility of the CEOs position, is very important how the successor cover all the aspects before he become as a CEO, because employees, investors, jobs and families depend on his decisions.
The author illustrates anotheraspect related to the CEOs position, His description about “Manage The Shadow Organization,” give us a point of view on how, the new CEOs need to deal with the political side of the company which is characteristics of unspoken relationships and alliances.
“THE BEST ADVICE I EVER GOT.” by Daisy Wademan.
Wademan illustrates different personal experiences in six essays, questioning if the natureof business advice is worth or not, each leader tell stories here and how got their best advice in stereotypical form, as an aphorism or a platitude.
On this text I pick two essays as example.
From Shelly Lazarus I learned how the people is more important to make business than the factor to doing business, as a CEO she realize the importance of the human beings to generate ideas for heradvertising company
Shelly Lazarus (Chairman and CEO of the advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide) state “People are the only thing that matters, and the only thing you should think about, because when that part is right, everything else works.” She found this best advice from her ex CEO and founder David Ogilvy and she still remember and use as a form of business strategy and make criticaldecisions.
From Daniel Vasella I learned to deal with external circumstances and politics sides, because his experience when he was a medical resident and got late to a meeting on a snowy and coldest day.
Daniel Vasella, M.D. (Chairman and CEO of the pharmaceutical company Norvatis) explain “Disciplined thinking and prompt action are also usually vital to success.” He learned from different...
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