Anlysis swot for gillette

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Analysis SWOT for Gillette:
* Gillette's brands are category-defining icons.
* They possess leading market shares in each of the Company's core categories.
* Gillettealready has a very strong global presence and a very broad network for distributing and merchandising their products.
* Innovation is the support of consumer products
* No company has a betterhistoric track record than Gillette in using innovation to improve the value and strengthen the market position of their products.
* Innovation differentiates products marketing drives awareness andcloses
the sale Gillette's strengths in innovation and sales.

* Gillette's market share is shifting to disposable razors from its cartridge system.
* Gillette's electricrazors are produced by Braun.
* Gillette has multiple blade-and-razor systems but their cartridges are not interchangeable with their other models.
* Gillette's effort in 1980's was notsynchronized with its goal. It introduced more new disposable razors and product enhancements while it wants to regain its market for blade-and-razor system where it can get three times more profit thandisposable razor.
* Spending on Blade and Razor advertising has drastically decreased over the years.
* System razor is heavier than disposable razor

* Know their competitorsproduct and strategies

* Be aware of their competitors

These two companies are mutually interdependent, because Gillette’s actions have noticeable effects onSchick’s and vice-versa. Their success is a function of both individual strategies and the consequences of their use. Market commonality is one way they compete by both focusing on blade and razors formen and women; constantly introducing new blades, technologies and integrating with other markets as the battery industry by joining with Duracell and Energizer. They also compete by resource...
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