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A short biography of Anne Frank
Anne was born in Frankfurt, Germany on 12th June, 1929. She had a sister, Margot who was three years older than her. Anne and her family were Jewish.

In 1933/4Anne, Margot and their parents Otto and Edith moved to from Germany to Amsterdam in the Netherlands. They moved there to escape growing hostility and persecution in Germany inspired by Adolf Hitler’sNazi party.

Anne and her family had happy years in Amsterdam, but by the time Anne was thirteen, and had received her now famous diary as a birthday present, Germany had invaded the Netherlands andNazi forces had over taken Amsterdam, enforcing anti-Jewish restrictions.

In July 1942, one month after Anne was given her diary, Margot received a call-up card, which meant she had to report forrelocation to a work camp. Otto and Edith would never send their daughter away, so Otto put into place a plan he had organised.

The family went into hiding in rooms above and behind Otto’sbusiness premises on the Prinsengracht, a street which ran along one of Amsterdam's canals.

The family spent two years and one month in hiding with four other people. During this time, Anne wrote downher thoughts, experiences, dreams and fears in her diary, which she named Kitty.

One day in August 1944, the eight people in hiding were discovered and were arrested by a Nazi officer and Dutchpolicemen. They were transported from the Netherlands to concentration camps in the East.

Seven months after they were found, Margot died in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp of typhus followed byAnne, aged just 15. Out of all the eight people in hiding, only Anne’s father survived the camps.

He returned to Amsterdam, and discovering that his family were dead, he decided to publish Anne’sdiary so it would be used as a message of humanity and as a force for good. It was for the same reason that the secret hiding place was made in to a museum, now called the Anne Frank House.
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