Anne of green gables

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July, 2009
Honors class 10th
Manuela Beaudoin V
“Anne of Green Gables” book review
Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery relates the story of a no longer orphan girl who by accident arrives toGreen Gables in Prince Edward’s island, Canada, and changes her new family’s life forever.Anne, romantic, sweet and imaginative arrives to Green Gables, changes the entire village’s life, and becomesquite important for everyone.
After her parent’s death and after working as a baby-sister in many families, Anne Shirley arrives to the orphan’s asylum where the Cuthbert brothers (Marilla andMathew) by accident adopt her. The two of the brothers are looking for a boy to help Mathew in the farm, but the day of the adoption the little red-headed girl is waiting impatiently for them. Withoutknowing what to do and feeling sorry for disappointing the child, the Cuthbert brothers decide to keep her. Anne results to be a box full of surprises. Her imagination seems to have too extensive limits,and her sense of romance and life are quite developed. Although imagination and sensitiveness are qualities, in this case they end by being a matter of shock between Anne and Marilla especially andwith many other characters in Avonela. Marilla has been single her entire life and of course is not used to living with kids, so many of the things that Anne says or does irritate her deeply. Besidesthat, Anne has never had a family or friends, or anyone, so she doesn´t really know how to do many things so she just acts the way she feels and many times she makes mistakes. So at the start things arenot easy at all and we have the sensation that they will not get better. To illustrate this phase of the book in which we feel Marilla’s terrible bad temper and a non-curable hurt in Anne’s heartI’ll mention this phrase: “my life is a perfect graveyard of buried hope” says Anne once.

Then, we start the phase in the one Anne changes the village’s life. Anne begins to be part of the quotidian...
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