Anne Of Green Gables

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Main Characters: Matthew Cuthbert, Marilla Cuthbert and Anne Shirley.

Place: Prince Edward Island in Canada, village Avonela, farmhouse Green Gables.
SummaryThis book is about one man that is called Matthew Cutbert and his sister Marrilla, Mathew was about 60 years old and Marrela 55 years old, they were very quiet people.They lived in a farmhouse that is called Green Gables in a village of Avonela, Canada.
One day Matther went to the train station to pick up the boy that he wanted toadopt to helped them in the housefarm, but he arrived and saw a little girl about 11 years old, he seed that was a mistake but he felled compassion and he decided toadopt her, the girl was thin, with long red hair, her face was small, with a lot of freckles and grey-green eyes.
When Mathew arrived to the house Marrila seeded thatit was a mistake, because they want a boy, and Mathew convenced to adpot her. Her name was Anne Shirley but she want it to change to Cordelia because she liked thename.
After the vacations Anne went to the school and she met Diana her best friend, and she had a little trouble with Gilbert Blythe, she hated it.
One day Annebought a bottle that change the hair to Black, but it turned green, and they have to cut it all off.
The time passes like 5 years and Anne were a very good Student, shewon a BECA to the collage, she wants to be teacher.
One day Mathew died and Anne and Marilla were very sads, Marilla seed that she had to sold the farm but Anne was notagree with her opinión and Gilbert Blythe LE DEJO EL PUESTO of Avonela’s teacher to won Money. Gilbert and Anne were friends again and Marilla stay with the farm.
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