Anne of the green gables

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adopt: adoptar knee: genoll
beard: barba medicine: medicina
blind: cec miss: trobar a faltar, enyorar
branch: branca orphan: orfe
college: universitat plait: trena
examination: examen prize: premi
farm: granja rude: groller
firmly: fermament, amb seguretat sad: trist
forgive: perdonar shy: tímid
freckles: piguessab: sanglotar
hate: odiar study: estudiar
heart: cor vicar: capellà
horrible: horrible whisper: xiuxiuejar
imagine: imaginar worried: preocupat


village: poble look after: cuidar
quiet: tranquil be sorry: sentir-ho (demanar perdó)
cart: carro angry: enfadat
mistake: error curly: arrissat
belong: pertanyergood-looking: guapo
crossly: de mal humor forget: oblidar
church: església busy: enfeinat
fields: camps mouthful: boca plena
housework: treball de casa hole: forat
carrots: pastanagues screem: cridar

Marilla and Matthew are married. NO
The Cuthberts wanted to adopt a boy. YES
Anne likes eating carrots. NO
Avonlea is a large townin the USA. NO
Mrs Lynde comes to visit the Cuthberts. YES
Gilbert Blythe is Anee’s best friend. NO
The Cuthberts’ life changes after Anne comes to live with them. YES

Could people travel from town to town by train. YES
Did country people drive cars. NO
Did farmers and their families work hard. YES
Did young children sometimes have to work. YES
Did poor children go to schoolor college. NO

CHAPTER-1: Asurprise for the Cuthberts

1. Describe Matthew.
Matthew was nearly sixty and had a long brown beard. He was tall and thin, with dark hair.

2. How did Matthew go to the station?
He went to the station driving a cart.

3. Describe the girl.
She was about eleven, with long red hair in two plaits. Her face was small, white and thin, with a lot offreckles, and she had large grey-green eyes. She was wearing and old brown hat amb a dress which was too small for her.

4. What was the mistake?
The mistake was that the Children’s Home sent them a girl instead of a boy.

5. What did the girl do when she listened the true of the mistake?
Suddenly, she began to cry.

6. Who was Cordelia?
Cordelia was the imagine name that Anne likesvery muth because it sounds more interesting that her realy name.

7. What did Matthew and Marilla want a boy for?
Matthew and Marilla wonted a boy to help them on the farm.

8. What did Matthew propose to her sister?
Matthew proposed to her sister that the girl could estay and help her in the house and he will get a boy from the village to help him on the farm.

9. Why did Matthewask Marilla to be good and kind to Anne?
Because Matthew thought that Anne needed a lot of love.

10. What noises can you listen at the end of the chapter?

You can listen some birds singing, some bees and water running.

CHAPTER 2: At Green Gables

1. What was Anne’s reaction when Marilla told her that they decided to keep her?
She was crying because she was very happy.

2.Where were they going to send Anne after the summer holidays?
They were going to send Anne to a school after the summer holidays.

3. Who was Diana?
Diana was Anne’s best friend.

4. Why did Mrs Rachel Lynde visit marilla?
Because she was very interested in the Cuthberts’s little orfhan girl.

5. Why did Anne say that she hated Mrs Lynde?
Because Mrs. Lynde saied that Anne wasthin anb freckled and red-haired.

6. Why did Anne stay in her room all day?
Because she was very angry with Mrs Lynde because she has been very unkind with her.

7. Who convinced Anne to tell Mrs Lynde that she was sorry?

Marilla convinced Anne to tell Mrs Lynde that she was sorry.

8. Did Mrs Lynde forgive Anne?
Yes, Mrs Lynde forgave Anne.

CHAPTER 3: At Avonela School...
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